Travelling Exhibition Catalogues – Beyond The Letter : Modern Arabic Calligraphy from the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia


Author: Collaboration – Sharjah Museum & Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Size : 22cm (W) X 27cm (H)
ISBN No : 9789948240242

Year : 2018
Pages : 64

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization released this book accompanying the exhibition " Beyond the Letter: Modern Arabic Calligraphy from the collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia" Which highlights 27 outstanding works of art from the collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia; the calligraphers have feed themselves of predisposed boundaries, ventured with their letters and words beyond their aesthetic glamour into the world of metaphysics, creating masterpieces pleasing to the eyes and minds. The art works reflect the entangled forces of nature; the waves of the seas, the rooted plants, the cosmos' order of the universe and the heavenly forces of nature. through the exquisite beauty of colors and the vigor of the brush strokes, the paintings capture the voices beyond the canvas in a contemplative way.


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