Travelling Exhibition Catalogues - Introduction to Islamic Arts – Calligraphy: The Collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia


Author: Dr Heba Nayel Barakat, Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Size : 26cm (W) X 29cm (H)
Year : 2016
ISBN No : 978-983-2591-13-9
Pages : 112

Introduction to Islamic Arts – Calligraphy: The collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia presents in four sections some of the most important historical developments, artistic trends as well as selected masterpieces produced within the Islamic world, that took place within a span of 1000 years, covering a vast geographical area from the Iberian Peninsula to Southeast Asia and China. A special attention is given to calligraphy, highlighting the role it played in the design of both religious and everyday arts and crafts, as well as in developing a distinctive visual culture inspired by Islam.  The publication features over 50 artefacts with exquisite calligraphy by renowned scribes from royal and private ateliers representing the most important script styles produced during the apogee of Islamic dynasties. It also introduces calligraphy produced on paper, engraved and enamelled on metal, vibrant on ceramics, carved on wood, lacquered on papier-mâché and embellishing sacred textiles. The collection takes us to the 20th century and presents calligraphy in the contemporary and modern world. This Introduction to Islamic Arts – Calligraphy: The collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is basic yet a useful resource to newcomers to this field as well as art historians and experts.

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