Museum Publication - Tradition and Continuity: Woven and Decorated Textiles of the Malay Peninsula


Author : Adline Abdul Ghani & Ros Mahwati Ahmad Zakaria
Size : 26 cm x 29 cm

Weight : 1.7 kg
Year : 2013
ISBN No : 9789832591030
Illustration :
Pages : 192

Sumptuous textiles have always held special significance in Malay culture, as they uphold long-standing traditions and play central roles in ceremony and ritual. Much has also been said of their beauty and intricacy, which attest to the meticulous skill and virtuosity of Malay artisans. Hand-woven fabrics, like limar, songket and tenun, as well as decorated ones like kelingkan, tekat and telepuk reflect how Malay culture has developed through interactions between local weavers and the outside world. The fact that their form, function and soul have always contained elements of modernity has helped make them competitive and relevant until today.

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