Museum Publication - The Dar Al Islam Mosque and Complex: Abiquiu, New Mexico


Author : Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
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Year : 2014
ISBN No : 978-983-2591-07-8
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Pages : 79

This publication, in general is to provide an overview of the history of mosque architecture in the United States of America with a particular emphasis on the Dar al Islam mosque in Abiquiu, New Mexico. It will briefly introduce early types of mosque structures in the US, leading into the 20th and 21st century. The Dar al Islam mosque will be described in detail from the aspect of its development from the initial conception, construction methods, function and current status. The publication will then provide a background of the architect, Hassan Fathy and his contribution to Islamic Architecture as reflected through his last mosque project, the Dar al Islam mosque. This publication, which will consist of around 80 pages, will be accompanied by line drawings, architectural plans, photographs both in black and white and full colour.

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