Museum Publication - Symbols of Power and Beauty


Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
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Year : 2015
ISBN No : 978-983-2591-11-5
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Pages : 220

Islamic Arms and Armour, being part of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia collection, represents the finest and most exquisite form of art produced in the Islamic world. Despite popular misconception, many of this weaponry were not mainly produced for battles or warfare. They are, in fact, primarily produced as expressions of social status, accessories in ceremonial gatherings and as diplomatic gifts. Furthermore, their decorations reflect the finest workmanship in gemstone setting, intricate calligraphic inscription with gold and silver inlay, as well as in the art of metallurgy. These arms and armour, being the pride of the society, were always portrayed in major epic stories in addition to miniature paintings. The miniature paintings highlight the beauty and effectiveness of Islamic arms, illustrating the tactics and strategies that attest to the pre-eminence of Muslim warfare.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is publishing a catalogue of over 200 objects of arms and armour entitled “Symbol of Power and Beauty: The collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia”. The artefacts included in this catalogue reflect the arms and armour from around the Islamic dynasties, beautified with elaborate miniature paintings. The catalogue, which measures 24cm (W) x 29cm (H), offers around 220 pages of stimulating journey through the history and culture of the Islamic world.


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