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Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
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Year :   2020
ISBN No : 978-983-2591-19-1
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Mirrors of Beauty: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Guide offers a luminous starting point to approach, enjoy and contemplate the wide-ranging collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. An illustrious selection of up to 150 outstanding objects, covering works of calligraphy, illuminated manuscripts, paintings, architectural elements and many others, draws together an enticing close-up of the continually diverse and interconnected cultures of Islamic societies across time, space and media. Elucidated across seven chapters of distinct yet interdependent themes, the lived spectrum of artistic practice, technical fluency and creative vision in various traditions of Islamic art are presented and contextualised through a range of introductory essays and full colour images, supplemented by comprehensive timelines and maps. This publication provides an inviting and accessible accompaniment to the riches of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia collection. 

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