Museum Publication - Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia – Vol II


Author : Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Size : 10″ x 13″

Weight : 3 kg
Year : 2009
ISBN No : 978-983-43211-9-2
Illustration : 385 Colour
Pages : 403

This volume commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Since it was founded, the collection has grown enormously. The museum itself has also gone through a transformation. Readers are taken behind the scenes to explore exhibitions, galleries and display concepts, as well as the activities of the Conservation and Education departments and the unique asset of the Scholar’s Library. All of these elements are seen through the lens of the award-winning photographer Peter Sanders.

Displaying more than 200 items from the collection, the main focus of this book is on the creativity of Muslim artisans and their talent to transmit the aesthetic potential of everything from the mundane to the magnificence of the Word of God. Whether the artefacts are from the Malay Peninsula, Spain or sub-Saharan Africa, the collection aims to represent the full breadth of Islamic civilisation. It is a culture of dazzling range and diversity. At the same time, the universality of certain principles becomes evident when works of so many different origins are placed alongside each other.

A decade of gathering artefacts from the past and displaying them for all to see has helped to keep traditions alive. This book builds on the work of IAMM Volume I, providing an introduction to the countless wonders that continue to surprise and delight visitors to this remarkable museum.

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