Museum Publication - Ann Dunham’s Legacy: A Collection of Indonesian Batik


Author : Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Size : 26 cm (W) x 29 cm (H)
Year : 2012
ISBN No : 978-983-44696-7-2
Illustration :
Pages : 110

When Ann Dunham moved to Indonesia, she became captivated by batiks and the lives of batik makers. As an anthropologist, she worked to improve the lives of craftspeople by setting up micro credit and small enterprises. At the same time, she acquired batiks from bustling cities and quiet villages, pieces which were true reflections of the “cloth of the people.” The exhibition and accompanying catalogue, entitled “Ann Dunham’s Legacy: A Collection of Indonesian Batiks,” focuses on the life and work of Ann Dunham, as well as explores the history of batik, how it is made, worn and collected, as well as its alluring array of patterns and motifs. The exhibition and catalogue is further enhanced with selected examples of batik from the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia collection.

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