Museum Publication - Light Upon Light – Fuad Kouichi Honda

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Title: Light Upon Light – Fuad Kouichi Honda

Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Year: 2022

Size: (W) 26.5 cm x (H) 29.5 cm

ISBN: 978-983-2591-21-4

Pages: 148, Hardcover

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The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is proud to present this bilingual publication to honour the artworks of Japanese calligrapher Fuad Kouichi Honda. For years, the calligraphy of Mr Honda has been seen as unique, innovative and spiritual. As a consequence, the museum’s management has decided to invest in nurturing this unique talent.

Years ago, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia recognised the beauty and uniqueness of Honda’s calligraphy and their distinct expression of a philosophy. The museum then set forth to document, preserve and promote his artworks. Since then the lAMM has acquired over 65 large paintings, including Honda’s Ijaza, which depicts the multiple variations of the Basmala. The collection records over 20 years of his professional career, tracing the flow of his ideas, influences, in-depth readings and interpretations of verses from the Qur’an. It has also established the lAMM as the custodian of the world’s largest museum collection of Honda’s works.

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